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Mission Statement

The mission of the PLAA is to promote the exchange of information regarding the administration and management of legal organizations, to develop and promote continuing education programs, to make available upon request members who specialize in specific areas of administration for consulting purposes within the membership; to support goals and programs of the Association of Legal Administrators, and to participate in any other way in the advancement of legal administration.

Regular Meetings

Membership meetings occur in February, June, September, November and December. These meetings provide members an environment conducive to information networking and the exchange of ideas concerning trends and developments affecting the legal and business community. The majority of these meetings also offer speakers on topical issues.

Educational Events

Through the organization's Education Committee, a variety of educational experiences are sponsored to enhance the personal and professional growth of members. Events include, but are not limited to, seminars, roundtable discussions, and the presentation of ALA teleseminars. See Events and Resources (members only) for more information on the PLAA's educational resources.

Educational Conference

Every other year the PLAA sponsors a two-day educational conference. The Education Conference Committee is appointed to organize the event. The conference typically consists of educational and social events that provide members with invaluable educational material and peer networking contacts. The conference also involves a first class vendor exhibit show that provides members direct access to the providers of vital legal support services.

Annual Attorney/Administrator Event

Each year, the PLAA sponsors this special event where PLAA members, and members of their organizations management, are invited to an evening of interaction with their counterparts from other organizations. The event typically includes a cocktail hour, a superb dinner, and a presentation from a prestigious speaker. The event reinforces the value of a PLAA membership and raises the awareness of the role played by the legal administrator in the modern legal environment.


The Chapter's newsletter, "To The Point," serves to maintain quarterly communications to all members, and it also includes timely educational articles. The monthly electronic newsletter “To the e-Point” contains more timely reminders of PLAA events to keep members informed and involved.

Annual Salary Survey

This valuable service provides members with current information regarding compensation trends within the local legal community, performance standards used as a component in evaluating legal personnel, and a review of benefits offered by member organizations.

ALA Affiliation

Membership in the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) is a prerequisite of membership in the PLAA. PLAA members take advantage of the ever increasing array of membership services and programs offered by the ALA. ALA members are eligible for an associate membership in the American Bar Association, a further recognition of the vital role played by administrators in modern law office management. 

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